Remote Test Facility Program

The Remote Test Facility Program was designed for technical high schools and community college welding programs who wish to offer welder certification to their students.

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The welding instructor, (as a CWI) can witness student's tests in their weld shop. Instructor must hold a current AWS CWI certification. Instructors without CWI certification can opt to take a CWI course and exam, or utilize WTTI's inspectors to witness the tests at your facility. Students have the confidence of performing their certification tests in a familiar environment: their own school.

How do I become a WTTI Remote Test Facility (RTF)?
Step #1:
Contact WTTI to receive a Remote Test Facility Application Packet.
Step #2: Complete the application and the self audit. Return the completed forms along with payment and necessary documentation.
Step #3:
WTTI will issue a certificate demonstrating that you have been accepted as a Remote Test Facility and provide you with the documentation to begin operation.

Once you have been accepted as an RTF, this is how it works:

  • Access the RTF Portal using your username and password.
  • Find the RTF Order Form under the Certification Test Documents heading.
  • Complete the online form.
  • RTF's can use a PO or supply credit card information. Kits paid for by the RTF will be sent upon receipt of the order form.
  • If an individual elects to pay for his/her own test, then an invoice will be sent to the individual once WTTI receives the order form. The order will be processed after the payment has been made. A $15 fee will be included.
  • WTTI will send the Certification Test Kit to the RTF.
  • You (as the CWI) will supervise the test at your facility, then repack and return the sample to WTTI in the original postage paid box.
  • WTTI will process the test through our Accredited Lab.
  • WTTI will issue a Laboratory Test Report, Welder Qualification Document, Welder Certification ID Card, and Welder Qualification Maintenance Log for each passing test.
  • Documentation will be sent to the RTF.

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