WTTI offers calibration for welding equipment and welding electrode ovens, with or without temperature controls.

Our procedures meet the requirements of AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5, AWS D17.1, AWS QC 4-89, NAVSEA Tech Pub 248, and similar specifications requiring verification of equipment accuracy. Our testing equipment is calibrated annually and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

WTTI provides two forms of calibration documentation:

  1. A data report detailing all pertinent information about the welding unit and/or rod oven to be kept on file, and
  2. A calibration label to be attached to the welding unit and/or rod oven attesting to its meter calibration.

Calibration must be performed annually and after any major maintenance. The duration between calibration depends on the code requirements. For example, AWS D1.5 requires calibration every 3 months.

Did you know?

The term "calibration" refers to the verification and validation of the equipment used for welding.

Calibration ensures that your welding machine is operating within the parameters of your welding procedure. If an uncalibrated machine is used for welding and the fabricated piece fails in service, the company responsible for the weld and for not calibrating their machines can be held liable.

Contact WTTI to arrange for calibration of your welding equipment and rod ovens.

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